Thursday, September 30, 2010

Period 8

What we did in class today is:

Check our homework:Some ideas:

  • in the restaurant ceiling tiles were missing so wires were exposed

  • 1/3 of the band members were missing on may 23rd

  • On May 20th the lowest % of absences in all schools and all classes was 4.2%

  • Maybe the reason that the band classes have the most absences is because they share instruments (hypothesis)

  • West Nile virus spreads more during warm weather

  • a lot of people were absent right before the highest (5/20)

  • At least 3% of the people were all in the 4 gym classes were absent

  • The people might be sick because they don't sanitize the classroom

  • probably used the same cloth to dry dishes

  • outbreak of flu a year before

  • after a couple of days the quarantine the number of absences decreased to 0% or 5%

In the website that we researched last night, we looked for evidence, so were then looking for patterns. Also hypothesis, questions, things from Mr.Finley's friend, and observations.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Period 8 Post!!!!!!!!!!!


Today in class we are talking about the article we had for homework. We are also talking about the FINELY OLYMPICS!


Epidemic- When something occurs and it hits many people.

Ethical- Not worth it.

Discussion Notes-

World of war craft is a online game where you can interact with other characters. Some people play it for the rest of their lives all around the world. It is like Call of Duty, and you can rank up! Call of Duty ROXS!

The virus can show how quickly a disease can spread and you don't even know you have it!

Since people spend a ton of time playing video games that reacts on how they act now and then, before and after playing the game. It can affect the way they talk, act, etc.

Some people with cancer or terminal get tested on because if they will die they should die helping people.

If everyone gets sick in real life I would stay at home and lock my door! That would be scary.

There is about 8 million people in NJ when there is about 6.5 million people playing the game.

The reason why the game is better than a simulation is because since the game wasn't created for a virus, it was created for fun. They wouldn't expect to get sick so they act the same.

In a simulation they would be expecting it to happen, when in a game you don't expect it.


You can do that with a lot of things with a virus. Natural distasters, a killer is on the loose, etc.


Go to the Epidemics Unit-Community Health Department link and open it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Period 8 Tree Diagram-Discussion

Today in class we discussed our homework. By doing it, we got to practice our skills with using the diagram. We learned that tree diagrams can help in many situations such as patient zero. Later on we picked on Will to play teacher. What this means, is that he has to solve question two of the homework. This way we can point out mistakes and Will can learn to do it himself because he didnt do his homework! Obviously, it was difficult, and to explain the answer to us he needed to first explain it to himself which needed before hand planning. So, we decided to pick on Erica because she actually did the question for homework. She still needed help, therefore Kevin decided to generously volounteer. His explanation was close to this:

I concluded that the 1st X is the patient “zero”. I think this because the main and the 1st person can’t be patient “zero” since if the main traded with 1st, then the 1st would also be negative. Now, the main and 1st are eliminated from being the patient zero. Next, the main and the 1st X traded. After they traded, the main traded with the 2nd X. He became negative. Supposedly, the main gave the sickness to the 2nd X because before when 2nd X traded with his 1st person and 2nd, he was clean. Before the main traded with 1st X, he was positive and then turned negative. So, when he traded with 2nd and 3rd X, he passed on the disease.

Moving on, we discussed the article called How a computer game glitch could help to fight off global pandemic. The article is about how a glitch in a game can possibly be the answer to many pandemic related questions in the science world. The "glitch" is basically that the gamers made a creature, the Hakkar, which is a serpent. The serpent has a virus that was supposed to be only for the strongest players, but the glitch spread the virus to everyone. Therefore, the results show that all the players spend emotional investments and time to make sure they don’t catch the virus. the scientists see how quickly the disease is spreading and where, which will help in their own research.

To conclude, today we learned that tree diagrams can be quite useful in many ways. If you get it right, it can answer one of the most vital questions, like who is spreading the disease. We also learned that a simple glitch has answered the similar questions about epidemics.

Here is a link to see Hakkar at work.

BY:::::: SK P8

Monday, September 27, 2010

Period 8 - September 27

Today in Science, Mr. Finley instructed us on how to do a blog post.

  • You must first summarize the day's lesson. To do this, if there was a simulation or video, state the main points. If there was notes or vocab defintions, copy them down. If there was an experiment or demonstration, write down the hypothesis, prediction, data, and conclusion. If there were instructions about how to do something unscience related, write those down too.
  • Next, you have to make a reflection on the lesson, and answer one of these 3 questions:
    Why is this important?
    Why was this confusing?
    Or, give some general advice about something that might have been hard and how to do it.
  • Next you need a multimedia thing. This can be any one of the following: (Video, Picture, Link, Sound bite)
  • Finally put your initials and period.

Here is some vocab that was defined today:

Patient 0: the person who started the disease

We started talking about how to find patient 0. Mr. Finley showed us a tree diagram, and told us how to set it up. You start off with one thing at the top, and make several branches with other things in them. Then the other branches split off into other branches and so on. We began making a tree diagram to graph who was patient 0. We made a list of people who definitely were not patient 0, which was:

Erica W
Lloyd G
Rachel R
Juliana R
Katie G
Will Z
Kevin D
Carter S

We learned things from everyone. Here are some examples:

  • From Katie we learned that Katie G and Will Z were not patient 0, that Rohan could be patient 0, and that Rohan got Katie sick.
  • From Rachel we learned that she can't be patient 0, and Simrin, Saad, and Maddie couldn't either.
  • From Juliana we learned that Talya and Megan couldn't be patient 0.

At the end of class, we figured out that these people could be patient 0:


By - L.G. Period 8