Friday, April 1, 2011


Today, we talked about the pea plant experiment online. One parent was yellow and wrinkled and was Yy rr and the other was green and smooth and was yy RR. The children were all smooth and 2 were green and 2 were yellow. The green ones were yy rR and the yellow ones were Yy and rR. Then we figured out that you have to at least one capital R for it to be smooth and at least one capital Y to be yellow. To test this you can go to this website: We also figured out how
 to get the r and y combinations by using the distributive property Ex. Parents yy yY
                                                                                                                     rr rR  y(yY)+y(yY) and doing the same with the Rs
                                                                                                                              yy yY yy yY
Or by using a tree diagram.

So you would pick a parent and choose one of the letters, and then from there you would choose another letter from the other parent and you have one child. You do that until you've made all possible combinations.

Noah Kudman #5

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