Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18

First, Mr. Finley had us answer this question: If there are two heterozygous genes with tall being the dominant trait, what is the chance of getting a short child?

There is a 25% chance of getting a short child.

Punnet Square                                                     
                   T             t
                T  TT         Tt
                t   Tt          tt

After that, we did the Inspiron Gum Experiment.  Everyone had to take a piece of paper with the flavor on it and taste it.  Then we had to describe what it tasted like, if it was good or bad, and if it was strong or weak.  15 people said it tasted bad and 5 people said they couldn't taste anything.  After the experiment, Mr. Finley said that it wasn't a gum flavor it was a chemical.  Every slip of paper had the same thing on it and wheter you can taste it our not is a gene. 
He asked us these questions:
1. Is this trait dominant or recessive?
This trait is dominant because most of the class can taste it.

2. What are the pehenotypes?
The phenotypes are being able to taste it and not being able to taste it.

3. What are the genotypes?
The genotypes for being able to taste it are CC and Cc.  The genotype for not being able to taste it is cc.

Here is a link that tells you more about this chemical:

JR 5th blog


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