Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25 Brendan T.

We started our class by getting back our tests and lab reports from February. Then, we opened up our blood lab sheets and went over our questions. Here is the link with the questions, but the answers are here.

1. You need to know your blood type in case you need a transfer, and you have to make sure you receive the right blood. If you don't, your blood will clog and you will die.
Skipped #2
3. AB
4. 0
5. An allele is a  form of a type of a gene. For example, height might be the gene. One form might be tall, and another might be short. We learned that co-dominance means that two alleles are dominant, as co means that two things have the same authority or power. A and B blood types are co-captains, because they are both dominant. Since I is dominant, then i must be recessive. But, since there are two types of dominant             (A and B), we have to put an Aor a B next to the I when expressing it.

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  1. Saad is here,
    To add on, O is the universal doner because it has no antigens, and AB is the universal receiver- has both A and B antigens.

    Also, when making a punnet square for co dominance, if there is a ressesive allele you leep it lower case, not with a superscript.