Thursday, April 21, 2011

Science Class - 4/21/11

Today we reviewed that we use the letter I to represent  blood. We use uppercase letters to represent any dominant traits. We use lowercase letters to represent recessive genes. An example of a blood script would be I followed by a smaller capital letter next to it. That represents one allele. The heterozygous for blood type would be Ii. If it was a specific blood type, that letter would go next to the I. Mr. Finley also announced we would have a quiz on Tuesday. After that, we reviewed the Virtual Blood Typing Lab with our partner. We discussed some of the questions with our partner. It is important to know someone's blood type because it's important to know which type of blood you can get and which type of blood you can donate. A person with Rh+ blood can recieve from a person with Rh- blood. Although, an Rh+ blood can't donate to a Rh- blood person because the Rh- blood can develop Rh antibodies. Blood type O can donate to all types of blood: A, B, AB, and O, but it can only recieve blood from itself. Blood type AB can recieve from all the blood types. Here is a blood type chart:

HZ (5)

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